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LONG RANGE PLAN, 2011-2016


GOAL I. Provide library services, facilities, equipment, and materials that reflect and meet the needs and desires of the community and area.

Objectives and Activities
a. Provide circulation (services including prompt and courteous charge-out and discharge of materials), renewals (in-house and limited telephone), re-shelving of returned items within one working day, interlibrary loan service, timely notification of overdues, reserves and interloans availability, and other concomitant services associated with circulation.
b. Provide full range of reference / information services by N.Y.S.-certified librarians during all hours open.
c. Assure adequate staffing to introduce patrons to new technologies, online services and products, and to lead library technology classes for the public.
d. Assure that staff has adequate training to learn new procedures and technologies.
e. Select materials to support the library's mission.
f. Support an effective technical services staff whose duties include processing new materials for the public within two working days, prompt ordering of materials utilizing online, telephone, fax or direct mail, discarding outmoded and worn items, repairing damaged materials, and other concomitant procedures associated with technical services.
g. Assure that patrons with special needs have access to Mid-York Library System's outreach services and materials and to the NYS Talking Book and Braille Library. Cooperate with the Mid-York Library System to ensure proper provision of these services and materials.
h. Increase funding for purchase of library materials.
i. Improve access to materials by reorganization as necessary, improved accuracy in shelving of materials, and provision of improved signage / finding aids.
j. Review Collection Development and Book Selection Policies at least once within five years; revise as required.
k. Review other public service related policies at least once within five years; revise as required.
l. Monitor monthly and annually those services which lend themselves to statistical evaluation: circulation, accessions, discards, reference, patron count, computer usage, homepage visits, and related measuring devices as defined by NYS Department of Library Development’s technology standards.
m. Support Mid-York’s tabulation of online computer usage in member libraries.
n. Monitor the needs of our clientele through such devices as the Collection Development record sheet, patrons' suggestions & interviews, circulation, "dusty books" reports (lists of books that have not circulated in an appropriate length of time), surveys, regular reserve list reviews, attention to community transitions, review of census data, and dialogue with local organizations, officials, and representatives.
o. Encourage Mid-York System to provide more online reference products and services to its members for consortium contracting and cooperative budgetary economy.
p. Proactively develop collections on an on-going and regular basis following American Library Association guidelines, using available tools.
q. Maintain index of the Daily Sentinel in computer database form; seek volunteers to assist librarians in this project.
r. Offer special services and collections.

Examples: Grants Collection, Internet Access and Training, Local History & Genealogy Room, Map Room, John B. Jervis Papers, Bright & Huntington Autograph Collections, Tax Forms and Instructions, Fowler Technology Lab, Online Databases, College & Vocational Guidance Collections, Audio-Visual materials, Investments Collection, Large Print Books, Foreign Language Materials, Multicultural Materials, Spoken Word Recordings, Music Recordings, Meeting Rooms.

s. Provide Children's Services as outlined in Children's Services section, Goals I-III.
t. Provide Young Adult Services as outlined in Teen / Young Adult section, Goals I-IV.
u. Pursue Automation Goals as outlined in Goal IV, in NY State Library’s technology standards, and to mesh with the Mid-York Library System Plan of Service where appropriate.
v. Maintain a full schedule of public service hours, including Saturday and Sunday hours during the school year.
w. Provide a regular schedule of public programming by community organizations and / or individuals on topics of interest to area residents.
x. Address the need for space for expanded computer access, a teen area, housing emerging formats, and meeting/programming space requirements.
y. Maintain an annually updated Capital Improvements List and Needs List in response to requirements identified above.
z. Provide access to technologies as outlined in Goal III.
aa. Contract with private security service to maintain a safe and orderly environment for patrons and staff by enforcing library policies and procedures regarding patron behavior and conduct.
bb. At least once within five years, review all policies and procedures related to patron behavior, order, safety, and security.

GOAL II. Insure that physical facilities and equipment are well maintained in order to provide an accessible, safe, comfortable, and attractive environment for patrons and staff.

Objectives and Activities
a. Monitor the condition of the historic John B. Jervis house with its 1925 stacks building, modern library additions, garage, rental house, and grounds with sidewalks.
b. Schedule annually, or biennially where appropriate, inspection of fire extinguishers, elevator, electrical system, security system, chimney, boiler, and building.
c. Prioritize needed improvements and modifications in order to complete them in as timely a manner as financial resources allow.
d. Provide adequate maintenance staff to keep building and grounds clean and in good repair.
e. Provide maintenance staff with proper equipment and tools.
f. Complete an inventory of maintenance equipment and tools and develop a schedule for replacement.
g. Maintain electronic security system for burglary and fire with up-to-date staff procedures for after-hours security and open-hours support.
h. Maintain an annually updated Capital Improvements List and Needs List (for more modest needs) in response to requirements identified above.
i. Seek funding for capital needs by applying to the State of New York, Oneida County, and City of Rome's Capital Improvements Programs, and to other sources such as foundations.
j. Utilize externally-funded program workers and volunteers when possible on major building clean-up and grounds projects.
k. Prioritize and revise Maintenance Projects list seasonally.
l. Monitor the library's compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and seek funding for additional physical plant modifications and equipment, as necessary.

GOAL III. Actively pursue technologies that assist the library in its mission to meet the information, education, and cultural needs of area residents.

Objectives and Activities Related to Public Services
a. Provide an appropriate number of computers accessing the Internet, online catalog and databases for all patrons based on demand.
b. Aggressively distribute and explain to each online computer user the library's Internet Access Policy with Rules of Use, Rules of Behavior and other materials, such as the Online Safety Pledge and Tips for Parents as appropriate.
c. Adjust rules, policies, and procedures to ensure the provision of “equitable and orderly access” as called for in the Board of Trustees' Internet Access Policy.
d. As specified by NYS Dept. of Education, Division of Library Development, offer library technology classes to the public.
e. Maintain access to MYLS web catalog.
f. Ensure that patrons who desire access to the web catalog are able to do so use a catalog computer with a minimum of waiting.
g. Provide at least one computer that is accessible to sensory-impaired users.
h. Provide a printer for public access computers. Adjust printing fees to ensure that income offsets the library's average costs for such services.
i. Maintain public computers with current versions of office productivity software while remaining alert to patron demand for new software products.
j. Maintain a Jervis Library-specific site on the Internet, its content to focus primarily on information about the library and its services, and to provide access to library created digitized content. Additionally, links to local area information, links for helping students, and a variety of other links will be collected. Pages for children and young adults will be maintained and linked from the library's homepage.
k. Maintain public wireless network “hot spots” within library building.
l. Maintain Internet access for public computers as needed.
m. Maintain domain name and others as appropriate.
n. Analyze use and content of library’s web site, and update as necessary to meet public needs.
o. Provide greater access to unique historical items such as city directories, maps, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, and the John B. Jervis collection via digitization.
p. Expand training for librarians so that each full-time librarian is able to teach library technology workshops / classes, as well as special-topic classes.
q. Encourage librarians to expand their technological expertise by providing funding for their attendance at appropriate workshops, seminars, classes, and conferences.
r. To consistently serve our patrons, establish technology competencies for all staff. Perform regular needs assessments for staff based on these competencies as a guide to planning appropriate staff training.
s. Review and revise Internet Access Policy & other electronic services-related policies and procedures as required.
t. Monitor national Internet situation to assure that Jervis trustees and staff are aware of the latest legal, technical, and societal developments.

Objectives and Activities in Cooperation with Mid-York Library System

u. Support and encourage Mid-York's plan to maintain and upgrade computers, telecommunications equipment, and cabling to keep pace with the growing demand for network bandwidth.
v. Support Mid-York’s provision of a freely accessible web catalog.
w. Offer feedback to Mid-York about connecting to resources on the Mid-York network, as well as on other technology issues that impact member libraries' services to the public and internal operations.
x. Suggest changes in design and content of the MY Internet website used on member libraries' computers.
y. Suggest changes in design and content of the Mid-York website.

Objectives and Activities Related to Internal Technology
z. Establish technology competencies for all staff. Perform regular needs assessments for staff based on these competencies as a guide to planning appropriate staff training.
aa. Be prepared, with funding in place, to take advantage of new technological advances.
bb. Maintain peripheral equipment used for internal operations, such as telephone system, fax machine, photocopiers, postage machine, calculators, computers, printers, modems, network wiring and connectivity equipment, external storage equipment, and the supplies necessary to operate these devices and systems.
cc. Provide opportunities for librarians to obtain training in use of various new electronic reference sources.
dd. Maintain Internet access for all staff computers as needed
ee. Investigate network solutions that will enable remote administration and troubleshooting of all computers via local area network (LAN).
ff. Maintain a backup system for electronic documents stored on network drives and maintain off-site storage of these back-up files.

GOAL IV. Insure that library staff work as a team to provide services to area residents and that they have the skills to provide these services.

Objectives and Activities
a. Establish technology competencies for all staff. Perform regular needs assessments for staff based on these competencies as a guide to planning appropriate staff training.
b. Insure adequate staffing of librarians, clerks, and support staff in order to carry out library objectives and activities.
c. Review Personnel Manual; revise as needed.
d. Review job descriptions, duties rosters, and concomitant forms; revise as needed.
e. Schedule staff to attend MYLS and other meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences and courses as appropriate.
f. Assure that staff has adequate time and training to learn new procedures and software.
g. Hold clerical, reference, and general staff meetings on a regular basis and as needed.
h. Review and revise training and orientation procedures for new employees and volunteers.
i. Conduct staff evaluations on a regular basis.
j. Work in good faith with all staff to assure wage and benefits packages acceptable, attractive, and beneficial to both library and staff.
k. Use e-mail and voice mail to speed communication with staff and other libraries.
l. Analyze professional development resources available within the Mid-York Library System. Create bibliography of these resources to facilitate self-directed continuing professional education.

GOAL V. Insure that the community is aware of the library's services, special programs, classes, and events.

Objectives and Activities
a. Review and revise the Library's Public Relations Policy as needed.
b. Prepare periodic library newsletters, in addition to the annual reports that are distributed to governmental officials, association members, media, and general public.
c. Offer special programs and events for all ages.
d. Notify media of all special programs and events.
e. Notify the public about library happenings using mailings, email, library web sites, and other electronic means.
f. Provide to each new card holder, and others as requested, brochures which detail library services and facilities, conditions of loans, fines, and other services related to public policies.
g. Work with Mid-York System and member libraries to increase the exposure of libraries in local communities.
h. Participate in community-wide events such as Honor America Days and arts festivals as staff time and funds permit.
i. Produce and update subject-specific bibliographies to promote use of library materials and services, such as Careers and Jobs, Be Your Own Boss, Local History/Genealogy, Personal Finance, and Grants brochures.
j. Make locally produced bibliographies available via the website with links to the online catalog.
k. Promote the library's services by speaking to community organizations, schools, and other entities.
l. As specified by NYS Dept. of Education, Division of Library Development, offer library technology classes to the public.
m. Maintain and regularly update the library’s web sites.

GOAL VI. Enhance existing and develop new collaborations to become active partners with community groups and populations.

Objectives and Activities
a. Encourage staff participation in community groups as time permits
b. Establish Library Speakers Bureau, a listing of staff and the topics on which they will speak to groups, and make the listing available on the library’s website.
c. Establish reciprocal speaking agreements with community groups.
d. Work with the Chamber of Commerce to create a directory of local community groups, clubs, and organizations to be made available online.
e. Work with Daily Sentinel to make our locally produced index to Daily Sentinel freely available and searchable online.

GOAL VII. Develop a comprehensive promotions initiative for the library’s materials, services, and programs.

Objectives and Activities
a. Develop a signage standard to provide concise, consistent, attractive signs throughout the library.
b. Improve signage throughout the library to better address patrons’ most frequently asked questions.
c. Utilize expertise of all staff and volunteers to create attractive, varied displays based on library materials.
d. Complete a market analysis using user and non-user surveys and/or interviews to allow us to better meet the needs of area residents.

GOAL VIII. As support to all Goals, secure sufficient funding to enable the library to carry out its mission.

Objectives and Activities
a. Meet at least annually with City of Rome officials regarding the library's budgetary requirements.
b. In cooperation with Mid-York Library System, meet at least annually with Oneida County officials regarding the library’s budgetary requirements.
c. Each fall send voucher to the Rome City School District for voter-approved support toward library budget; request vote on increased amount when deemed appropriate by the Jervis Board of Trustees.
d. Work with local towns, encouraging them to support the library in their respective budgets.
e. Apply annually for grants from local and regional foundations to fund special needs.
f. Seek out and apply for governmental grants and programs support, such as Central New York Community Arts Council and NYS Council on the Arts.
g. To stretch salary dollars and leverage staff levels, utilize applicable externally-funded work and volunteer programs: Senior Aides andcommunity service programs, as well as YAC member volunteers & adult volunteers.
h. Promote and seek funds for the Memorial, "In Honor of," "Endless Gifts," and Major Benefactor programs.
i. Meet with prospective donors to review the library's Needs List, as well as the programs noted under "h."
j. Offer donors the choice of donating to Adult, Young Adult, or Children's collections when making gifts noted under "h."
k. Conduct the Association membership and fund drive each fall.
l. To earn added income, sell to the public surplus library materials and equipment, stationery supplies, and offer copying services.
m. Hold annual Porch and Lawn sale of discarded and surplus items to supplement income.

n. Develop Friends group to support the library.


GOAL I. Provide a variety of programs, services, and collections to meet the personal, educational, and cultural needs of children, their caregivers and families, with special emphasis on promoting reading.

Objectives and Activities
a. Continue to support a qualified Librarian whose primary responsibility is Children’s Services. Assure adequate staffing in the Children’s Room to address patron needs in the absence of the full-time Children’s Librarian.
b. Acquire, maintain in good condition, and replace where appropriate, relevant, appealing, and current books, audio visual materials, magazines, computer software and other appropriate formats for pre-school and school-aged children, and their caregivers and families.
c. Regularly weed outdated, damaged, and long uncirculated materials.
d. Seek to increase circulation of materials by 1% overall each year.
e. Maintain a collection of multimedia educational software for in-house use on children’s computers.
f. Maintain appropriate number of computers with Internet access.
g. Maintain appropriate number of computers with relevant homework software (word processing, spreadsheets, etc.)
h. Organize and display materials in the most attractive, efficient, and effective order possible for the greatest use.
i. Promote special collections and materials with regular press releases, email announcements, displays, and bibliographies.
j. Maintain the extensive schedule of pre-school and toddler story times to promote reading and to meet the demands of the community.
k. Plan and implement in conjunction with Rome City School District and Mid-York Library System, a community literacy center including early and family literacy resources, programs, and materials.
l. Encourage constructive and proper use of the library by elementary school age children by developing specific educational and cultural after school programs, such as the “K-3 Club,” to be presented on selected afternoons during weeks when school is in session.
m. Plan and implement an expanded Summer Reading Program for pre-school and school age children, including special programs, prizes for readers, and a concluding party.
n. Plan and provide activities for school age children, including crafts, story times, musical programs, and computer workshops.
o. Apply for grant funding to support special programs for children.
p. Aggressively distribute and explain to online users the library's Internet Access Policy, Rules of Use, Rules of Behavior, Online Safety Pledge, Tips for Parents, and other appropriate policies.
q. Expand and maintain Miss Lorie’s Mailing List, a monthly informational electronic newsletter concerning activities, events, and news in the Children’s Room.
r. Maintain a website for children and caregivers as a link to recommended Internet websites as a homework tool, and for collaborative efforts among schools and organizations in the community.
s. Explore holding Internet training to assist parents and children with homework.
t. Inform the public and community schools of library events for children and families through the local media, the children's website, email announcements, community online calendars, posters, flyers and signs.
u. Assure that librarians and clerks are knowledgeable about children's programs by providing updates via memoranda, voice mail, email, or internal routing of program flyers.

GOAL II. Maintain strong working liaison with community schools and school media centers as well as other child and family serving organizations.

Objectives and Activities
a. Work with the Rome City School District developing and implementing schedules for first grade class visits from the Rome Public Schools; along with other classes, when schedules can accommodate.
b. Maintain liaison with the NYS School for the Deaf School teachers and librarian.
c. Maintain liaisons with, and host tours and class visits for, private and parochial schools, and children's organizations.
d. Develop and implement a yearly schedule for visiting elementary classes including public and private schools.
e. In conjunction with local pre-schools, develop and implement library visits and orientation for children preparing to enter kindergarten.
f. Maintain liaison with YMCA and continue to plan and implement cooperative programming for community families.
g. Initiate cooperative relationship with Upstate Cerebral Palsy (UCP).


GOAL I. Provide and maintain a variety of programs, collections, and services to meet the personal, educational, and cultural needs of junior high and high school students and their families, with special emphasis on promoting reading.

Objectives and Activities
a. Continue to support a qualified Teen Services Librarian whose primary responsibility is Teen Services.
b. Acquire relevant, appealing, and current books, audio-visual materials, magazines, and electronic resources.
c. Review collection needs for multiple copies of particular books, for repair of high use items, and for replacement of essential materials lost or discarded.
d. Weed outdated, damaged, and long uncirculated materials from the collection.
e. Organize and display YA materials in an attractive manner and in efficient and effective order for the greatest use and circulation.
f. Plan and schedule programs, including technology classes, at times that meet the demands of student schedules.
g. Assure teen access to Internet and homework software.
h. Maintain the YA website.
i. Continue to plan and implement a YA (Young Adult) Summer Reading Program for students who have completed seventh grade or higher.
j. Apply for grant funding to support programs of interest to teens.
k. Inform the public of library events for junior and high school age students and their families through local media, the YA website, email announcements, online community calendars, posters, flyers, and signs.
l. Maintain teen membership on the Jervis Youth Advisory Committee at levels of at least five active students in order to assist with programming and its promotion.
m. Continue to pursue appropriate coordinated programs with local schools and organizations.
n. Maintain an active teen volunteer program independent of, but also including, YAC members.

GOAL II. Maintain strong working liaisons with community junior high and high schools and media centers including public, private, and NYS School for the Deaf as well as educational organizations working with junior high and high school students.

Objectives and Activities
a. Continue to work with school librarians to provide coordinated efforts in homework and research assignment awareness, programming, and collection development.
b. Continue efforts to develop liaisons with other organizations working with junior high and high school students.
c. Maintain membership in Oneida County Youth Bureau’s Youth Advisory Committee for awareness of topics of concern to the area’s youths as well as funding and programming possibilities.
d. Maintain the YA website as a tool for collaborative efforts among the many schools and organizations in the community. Strive to use the site in new and innovative ways.
e. Explore the possibility of coordinated programming with local public and parochial schools and educational organizations.

GOAL III. Insure that Young Adult programming and materials are continuously promoted within the library and in the community.

Objectives and Activities
a. Maintain staff awareness of YA developments via email, voice mail, staff meetings, and memoranda.
b. Continue to make contact with students, teachers, and librarians through Open House attendance, PTGs, and other avenues to promote new services and materials and to develop new programming and collection ideas.
c. Maintain a media presence issuing timely press releases regarding YAC and YA activities.
d. Maximize use of display space by consistently offering timely and attractive displays of materials of interest to teens; seek staff and teen input on displays.
e. Provide teen specific bibliographies and use these as a basis for materials displays.

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