So You Want to Be a Writer?

How-To and Inspiration:

Asher, Sandy. Where Do You Get Your Ideas? Helping Young Writers Begin. J 808.02 ASH

Bauer, Marion Dane. Our Stories: A Fiction Workshop for Young Authors. J 808.31 BAU

Carroll, David. A Manual of Writers’ Tricks. 808.02 CAR

Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul. 808.02 CHI

Christelow, Eileen. What Do Authors Do? J 808.068 CHR

Cook, Marshall. Freeing Your Creativity: A Writer’s Guide. 808.02 COO

Henderson, Kathy. The Young Writer’s Guide to Getting Published. YA 808.02 HEN

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night. AC 817.08 IT

Wulffson, Don. Great Stories Behind Famous Books.*


Creech, Sharon. Love That Dog.

Gantos, Jack. Jack’s Black Book.

Grimes, Nikki. Jazmin’s Notebook.

Nixon, Jean Lowery. The Name of the Game Was Murder.

Thomas, Rob. Rats Saw God.

Wittlinger, Ellen. Hard Love.

Written By Teens and Young Authors :

Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia.

Hinton, S. E. The Outsiders.

Kinna, Emma. A House Afire.

Paolini, Christopher.

Author Biographies

Duncan, Lois. Who Killed My Daughter? 362.152 DUN

Fleischman, Sid. The Abracadabra Kid: A Writer’s Life. J 818 FLE

Paulsen, Gary. Beet Fields: Memories of a Sixteenth Summer. YA FIC PAU

Paulsen, Gary. Eastern Sun, Winter Moon: An Autobiographical Odyssey. 818 PAU

The Writer’s Journal: 40 Contemporary American Writers and Their Journals. 818.08 WRI

* Available through InterLibrary Loan.

Internet Resources:

Jervis Library’s Teen Web Page
allows you to submit a book review and find other writing and reading resources.

Teenage Writers' Forum

Merlyn's Pen: fiction, essays and poems by American teens. is the online version of TeenInk magazine. All content is generated by teen writers.
is all about books aimed at teens. Want to write? Then read, read, read. Try some of their recommended reads.

is a Yahoo Group Electronic Mailing List on which teens share and critique their original works.

Xenith: check out what other teens are writing, submit your own work and more.

Also see our “Teens Who Hate Poetry” booklist.

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