School Violence



Cormier, Robert. The Chocolate War. YA FIC COR

Giles, Gail. Shattering Glass. YA FIC GIL

Koertge, Ron. The Brimstone Journals. YA FIC KOE

Mikaelsen, Ben. Ghost of Spirit Bear. YA FIC MIK

Myers, Walter Dean. Shooter. YA FIC MYE

Randle, Kristen. Breaking Rank. YA FIC RAN

Shiraz, Yasmin. Retaliation. YA FIC SHI

Strasser, Todd. Give a Boy a Gun. YA FIC STR

Walter, Virginia. Making Up Megaboy. YA FIC WAL



CQ Researcher on Teens in America. Q 305.235 CON

Day, Nancy. Violence in Schools: Learning in Fear. 371.58 DAY

Hyman, Irwin A. Dangerous Schools: What We Can Do About the Physical and Emotional Abuse of Our Children. 371.78 HYM

Karres, Erika V. Violence-Proof Your Kids Now: How to Recognize the Eight Warning Signs and What to Do About Them. J 303.608 KAR

Lawton, Sandra Augustyn. Abuse and Violence Information for Teens... YA 362.76 ABU

Saunders, Carol Silverman. Safe at School: Awareness and Action for Parents. 371.77 SAU

School Violence. 371.782 SCH

Wheeler, Eugene D. Violence in Schools, Hospitals, and Public Places: A Prevention and Management Guide. 303.609 WHE


Internet Resources:

CDC Injury Prevention & Control: Youth Violence

Center for the Prevention of School Violence

National Crime Prevention Council's Stopping School Violence provides an excellent list of web resources in addition to practical "how to" information.

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