Where Do You Get Your Ideas?
Readers Theatre


Web Sites

Internet Resources for Conducting Readers Theatre by Lila Carrick. Reading Online, 5 (1). July/August 2001.

Although this focuses on using RT in the classroom, it is still a valuable source of online script and script idea sites. The 5 day implementation schedule could be used to get ready for the performance.

Aaron Shepard's Homepage by Aaron Shepard.

Scripts and tips fo Reader's Theater.

Books and Articles

Barchers, Suzanne. Readers Theatre for Beginning Readers.

Barchers, Suzanne. Scary Readers Theatre.

Bauer, Caroline Feller. Presenting Reader's Theater.

Dubrovin, Vivian. Storytelling Adventures: Stories Kids Can Tell.

Fredericks, Anthony. Frantic Frogs and Other Frankly Fractured Folktales for Readers Theatre.

Fujita, Hiroko. Stories to Play With: Kids' Tales Told With Puppets, Paper, Toys, and Imagination.

Kohl, Herbert R. Making Theater: Developing Plays with Young People.

Latrobe, Howard. Readers Theatre for Young Adults: Scripts and Script Development.

Laughlin, Mildred Knight. Readers Theatre for Children: Scripts and Script Development.

Slower, Shirley. Readers Theatre: Story Dramatization in the Classroom.

Stewart, Cherilyn. "Stand Up and Deliver." SLJ, May 2001.


Positive outcomes of Readers Theatre:




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