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Special Instructions for Making Online Donations:

In order for the library to process your online donation, we request that you leave special instructions when submitting your credit card or PayPal information.  Before clicking on the Donation button, below, please read the following instructions for leaving the information that will enable us to process your donation:

After completing the credit card payment or PayPal login form, click on the "Review Donation & Continue" button.  On the next screen, click on the "Add special instructions to the seller" link, and, in the box that appears, please type in the following:

1.  State what type of donation you are making:

2a.  If you are making an In Honor Of donation, type the following:
2b.  If you are making a Memorial Donation, please type the following:

3.  When you have typed this information in the box, click on the "Donate $ USD" button at the bottom of the page

Thank you for considering a gift to Jervis Library.


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